October 24, 2009

And He's Down....

Apparently, all it took was a couple months for me to completely shatter the posting schedule I had created for myself. And as I suspected, once I broke the schedule it was inevitable that I would lose some inertia. So here's an off-day post that isn't really anything but an apology on the off-chance that someone out there was reading my posts and had some down time in the last two weeks that could not be filled with reading my ramblings.

Now that my wife and I are settling into our new house and I have functioning internet again, my OCD is kicking in and I am putting myself back to work on some blog posts. Hopefully, I'll start to build a stockpile so that in case another "Big Life Event" comes along, I won't drop off the grid like this time.

Sorry again, and I'll see you all Wednesday morning!

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