August 15, 2009

Welcome, One and All!

The subtitle might have misled you somewhat. I am something of an RPG aficionado, but I have very strong propensities toward the most mainstream of games. Most of this blog will revolve around Dungeons & Dragons (tm) and Star Wars: Saga Edition (tm). I will occasionally examine other games, with some favoritism shed in the direction of my good friend Alex Flagg, over at Crafty Games (look for an upcoming review of Fantasy Craft, from Alex and his cohorts).

Many topics will revolve around ideas for players, GMs, and even those of us who dabble in both. Some of these things might seem overly ambitious, or even down-right stupid. Tell me what you think, or if you give something a try, let me know how it turned out. If you'd like some thoughts from the sage on a topic, I'll even break a fundamental tennant of the blog (see: the title of said blog) and provide solicited material when asked!

Now, while you can peek over at the "About Me" on the right, let me establish some credentials before we get too far into this. I am NOT an employee of Wizards of the Coast (tm), WotC, or Crafty Games (tm). I have done some freelance work for WotC, such as writing this article with my buddy Greg Bilsland, who IS an editor at WotC. So, I've done some work, I have semi-regular conversations with industry insiders, and I play alot. That really comes out to pretty thin credentials. Fortunately, this is unsolicited sagacity, so I'll keep blathering on whether I am qualified or not.

Look for updates on Wednesdays. Hope to see you then!

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